Learn About Sexuality

Learn About Sexuality

… is dedicated to providing information about sexuality in the context of the sex research findings. Topics include all the key aspects of human sexuality: Biological, Emotional, Intellectual and Social. Sex education involves understanding not only ‘safe sex’ but also how we can give pleasure and be pleasured by a lover.

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Biological aspects of sexuality Biological aspects of sexualitySexuality is about reproduction (including raising children to maturity), our sex and gender; responsiveness, orientation and personality; and about appreciating the sexual anatomy & development of both genders. Emotional aspects of sexuality Emotional aspects of sexualitySexuality is about engaging in intercourse (the mating act); non-sexual intimacy & how we feel loved in our relationships; and about our willingness to consent to sexual activity with others.
Intellectual aspects of sexuality Intellectual aspects of sexuality Sexuality is about our motivation to use our imagination to explore sexual fantasies; enjoying the responsiveness of our own body through masturbation alone; and about learning how we can achieve arousal and orgasm alone and with a lover. Social aspects of sexuality Social aspects of sexuality Sexuality is about a committed relationship (including social, emotional & sexual activity); observing, talking or interacting with others in return for payment or other non-relationship rewards; and about enjoying sexual pleasure with a lover

Hi, I am Jane Thomas, the sex researcher and educator. My other sites: Nosper.com & Ways Women Orgasm.

I present the precedents for sexual responsiveness, explanations for the sexual behaviours exhibited by men and women together with a discussion of why the sex research findings may have been misinterpreted.

This site represents a FIRST DRAFT – so there’s plenty of time (up to 2025!) for YOU to comment!

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