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Men tend to focus on opportunities for regular sex

There are many triggers that cause male arousal throughout the day. This constant rearousal causes intense frustration if a man has no opportunity to release sexual tension by ejaculating through intercourse. Penetrative sex completes a man’s arousal cycle (from erection to ejaculation) in a way that maximises the sexual satisfaction a man obtains. Once a man has experienced intercourse, sexual frustration tends to be felt more acutely.

A dog chases a ball because the ball represents a small animal. Similarly a man is attracted to a woman because of the way she looks or moves. His sex drive (urge to penetrate) motivates him to want to mate with her. But what does a woman want to catch, overpower and dominate? Women are clearly not aroused by nudity or by sexual opportunities as men are.

When a carnivore lines up its prey you can see the tension. A bird flutters and rustles. The cat is mesmerised by the sight and sound of its prey. The predator sways on its haunches as it stares with fixed concentration at its prey. It’s thinking about how it can succeed in catching the bird. Then the cat tenses in anticipation. It sets off and pounces on the prey holding it down until it has subdued the victim by fear or physically paralysed it.

Male sex drive causes men to prey on women. A man is attracted by a specific attractive woman who catches his attention. His other senses shut down as his mind focuses on the intense arousal he feels from observing her. He imagines having her naked and what intercourse would feel like. He decides on a strategy to approach her and try to charm her into bed.

Men’s goal when engaging in sexual activity is simple. Men want to enjoy their own arousal by close contact with a lover’s body, enjoy various forms of penile stimulation but ultimately to obtain the sexual release of ejaculating into a lover’s body. A man is acutely aware of his sexual needs (and his frustration when those needs are not met). The strength of male sex drive tends to make men selfish in obtaining what they want and often oblivious to women’s perspective. Marriage provides the most reliable source of regular intercourse because most wives know that their husbands need sex.

Men enjoy sex regardless of any relationship. A man doesn’t take offense easily and his sex drive is not affected by arguments. When a woman is angry with a man, she doesn’t want him to touch her. She doesn’t want him to have the pleasure of her body because he has hurt her. She remembers each occasion as evidence that a man does not care for her. Men don’t obtain the same emotional benefits that women do from their relationships.

Men are rarely motivated to take on the daily care of the children that result from their desire for intercourse. Men prefer to engage in active pursuits rather than care for others. Marriage is a legal contract that exists in every human society to ensure that men support women who care for their children. A woman can reward a man for his commitment to the relationship by offering intercourse. A woman’s key sexual role is to facilitate male orgasm, which also minimises the times she needs to spend.

Just as men naturally love sex, women are naturally indifferent to it. Intercourse, as an act of impregnation, provides a woman with little sensation. Women cannot understand why men find such a mundane act so fascinating. Men can’t understand why women are so offended by sex.

Mothers have difficulty controlling their sons from a young age. So boys grow up knowing that women can be persuaded and intimidated. Men are inclined to portray sex as a male conquest. The woman’s role is belittled. Most men refrain from making sexual references when women are present. Sex is vital to men, so they can’t accept that it is primarily a male pleasure.

The women’s liberation movement involves women negotiating with men for special treatment. But this demand for special treatment convinces men of their own superiority. It is in men’s nature to push. It is in women’s nature to give way. But it shouldn’t always be that way. Relationships are about compromise. Someone has to flex and often this is women’s role. A man needs to reciprocate by giving back in ways that a woman appreciates.

Most men prefer to keep female sexuality as an unsolvable mystery rather than discuss any kind of facts or logic. Female sexuality only seems complex because men interpret women’s behaviours and emotional responses as sexual responsiveness. Even though sexual activity is clearly motivated by male arousal, men promote sex as a universal pleasure. They don’t want to admit that sex is one-sided in case they lose out on sexual opportunities.

A man admires a woman’s femininity, including her docility, her compassion and her sensitivity. The concept of sexual equality much more typically refers to encouraging women to behave more like men than the idea that men might want to emulate female behaviours. Male superiority is often assumed. Male ego causes men to talk about giving a woman an orgasm. They assume their expertise during lovemaking causes a woman to orgasm. This belief justifies their desire to kiss, touch and penetrate her.

The frequencies of marital intercourse are two or three times as high as the intercourse of the single male. (Alfred Kinsey 1948)