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Men who were adolescent first are the most sexual

Factors that affect men’s orgasm frequencies include their age, the age at which they reached adolescence, their racial type, as well as their level of education and whether they are influenced by religious teachings.

Boys who become adolescent first (before 12 years of age) often have the highest orgasm frequencies throughout their lives. Having a creative imagination affects responsiveness. Boys with a high IQ (intelligence quota) are often those who reach adolescence first.

Frequencies of sexual activity vary but the vast majority of men (92%) orgasm quickly and easily through masturbation as well as through intercourse (100% with their wives). Highly-sexed men are also slightly more likely to engage in homosexual activities.

Age is by far the most significant factor in male performance. Men are most sexually active in adolescence. Men’s responsiveness decreases with age because male orgasm depends on the physical process of maintaining an erection.

Male responsiveness gradually declines from adolescence onwards so that few men masturbate regularly by the age of 50. As men age, the frequency of their early morning erections decreases. Also the time over which they can maintain an erection reduces (from an average of over one hour in late teens to 7 minutes for 66-70 year olds).

Some male prostitutes climax five, six or more times per day regularly over many years. Even with such high frequencies, although the quantity of ejaculate is lower than usual, a little semen is always produced. Around three quarters of men do not ejaculate with any force. Their semen is merely exuded from the glans. Other men may ejaculate semen over distances of a few inches or even a few feet (rarely up to a meter or more!).

There is certainly no link between high responsiveness and having a large penis. Penis size has nothing to do with responsiveness. There is also no absolute link between personal drive and sex drive. It’s possible that the biological aspects of responsiveness are quite random. But the intellectual aspects appear to be linked to having a creative imagination, which is sometimes (but not always) linked to educational level.

The angle of elevation of the erect penis varies considerably between individuals but also reduces as a man ages. Male impotence is relatively rare until old age. At 70 years of age only 27% of white men are impotent but by 80 this has increased to 3 out of 4. The continuing amenability of a man’s partner is doubtless also a factor.

In some cultures, such as Mediterranean countries, it is quite usual for some men to walk around arm-in-arm. This is a matter of personality. Other men do not feel comfortable being touched, hugged or kissed (on the cheek) by other men. In other cultures, affection and touching are not acceptable between men. Men only make physical contact with each other when playing sport. Men often spend time with male friends while participating in or watching sport.

Male sex drive is a factor. Women can happily kiss each other, touch and go to the bathroom together without any sexual implication. It is much more difficult for men to engage in the same kind of innocent intimacy with other people because men’s intentions when initiating physical intimacy are often sexually motivated. Some men have mannerisms that we call ‘effeminate’ because they are more typically associated with women. Effeminate men are not necessarily homosexual.

Men define women’s sexuality in terms of their willingness to encourage male arousal and to have intercourse. By definition, younger women, are self-evidently more ‘sexual’ to men whatever these women’s ulterior motives might be. Men often defend their daughter’s virginity. A father knows what is going through a young man’s mind when he looks at his daughter. This is a contradiction for men that they can think what they like of a woman but they don’t want any of their female relatives thought of in that way. When the woman is someone they see as non-sexual (not sexually available) men can see the threat a man constitutes for a woman.

A man is no more confident than a woman to talk about sex with his children (even sons). Male sexual discussions tend to focus on sexual pleasure. Men are typically aroused by sexual discussions of any kind, which may seem inappropriate. A man may feel uncomfortable talking about sex outside of his own male friends because he considers the aspects of sex that he enjoys are personal. A man may feel less inclined to dwell on or have to explain issues such as rape, abortion & prostitution.

Homosexual activities occur in a much higher percentage of the males who became adolescent at an early age… these early-adolescent boys are the same ones who have the highest incidences and frequencies in masturbation and in heterosexual contacts. It is the group which possesses on the whole the greatest sex drive (Alfred Kinsey 1948)

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