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Hi I am Jane Thomas, the sex researcher and educator. I write about sex and sexuality. My aim is to open up the discussion of women’s sexuality in particular. I believe it is vital to differentiate between erotic fiction and the much less popular research findings.

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I present the precedents for sexual responsiveness, explanations for the sexual behaviours exhibited by men and women together with a discussion of why the sex research findings may have been misinterpreted.

I am passionate about combatting sexual ignorance. I try to bring some common sense and logic to the discussion of sex and sexuality. I talk specifically about responsiveness (the frequency with which we experience orgasm) as well as how and when women orgasm.

My first book ‘Ways Women Orgasm’ is based on the female sexuality forum WaysWomenOrgasm.org, which suggests how women can make the most of a long-term sexual relationship by understanding more about their own sexuality. ‘Ways Women Orgasm’ (published 2011) poses QUESTIONS by challenging the inherent contradictions and anomalies involved in popular beliefs about how and when we assume women should be able to orgasm.

My work highlights the contradictions inherent in the portrayal of female sexuality today, which reflects fictional media rather than research findings. As a result, I am challenging the sex information that is currently provided to women, which I believe is wrong.

My second book ‘Women’s Sexual Behaviours & Responses’ proposes some ANSWERS to the questions posed in my first book ‘Ways Women Orgasm’, by providing some logical explanations for women’s sexuality. ‘Women’s Sexual Behaviours & Responses’ (published 2013) sets out a complete explanation for women’s sexuality based on my own research work plus an interpretation of the work of Alfred Kinsey and Shere Hite.

My third book ‘Sexuality & Sexual Techniques’ presents some of the defining characteristics of male and female sexu­ality as highlighted by Alfred Kinsey. ‘Sexuality & Sexual Techniques’ (published 2015) also discusses some of the issues that arise in longer term heterosexual relationships and encourages men to make sex a more attractive option for a woman by broadening their sexual techniques beyond intercourse.
My publisher is Nosper Books and my books are printed by CreateSpace.com. I am currently working on a book (to be published 2020 or later) to accompany this website called ‘Learn About Sexuality’.

Taking the ego out of sex advice

Few women talk about orgasm in public but those who do typically refer to the sensual and emotional rewards of sex. The need for mental turn-ons and clitoral stimulation is dwarfed by the passion of ‘making love’.

Kinsey emphasised the huge range in sexual responsiveness that should be considered ‘normal’ for different individuals. He also concluded that men are MUCH MORE responsive than women. Yet today no one acknowledges this range of orgasmic ability. Media images that exaggerate women’s true sexual responsiveness are so persuasive that women today are almost obliged to refer to orgasm as if it occurs naturally in their sexual relationships.

A woman becomes pregnant regardless of whether she has an orgasm. So women are only thought to be ‘dysfunctional’ as a result of modern expectations for orgasm, which have been set by the subjective evidence of women’s say-so. Even so only SOME women claim to orgasm SOMETIMES with a lover.

We rarely acknowledge that public bravado is very different to the personal conclusions most of us keep private. Masturbation is the easiest and most reliable source of female orgasms but, since it doesn’t benefit men and relatively few women masturbate, female masturbation remains taboo.

The trouble with the world is that the stupid are cocksure and the intelligent full of doubt. (Bertrand Russell 1872-1970)