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Hi I am Jane Thomas, the sex researcher and educator. I write about sex and sexuality. My aim is to open up the discussion of women’s sexuality in particular. I believe it is vital to differentiate between erotic fiction and the much less popular research findings.

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Jane Thomas, sex researcher and educator, writes about sexuality. Her aim is to encourage sexual discussion. Jane believes it is vital to differentiate between erotic fiction and the much less popular research findings.

‘Learn About Sexuality’ is one woman’s attempt to provide sex information that is factual, logical and backed by research findings. Jane hopes in the future that her work will be continued by others. She believes that it is vitally important, that amid all the fiction and pornography, that thinking adults can find a reliable source of reputable sex education.

Perhaps in future professionals in the fields of medicine and sexual health will be motivated to contribute to a database of knowledge that is respected as an authority on the topic. Inevitably the people interested in such knowledge with be few. But it is vital that there is a core of people who are willing to challenge and question any new developments. All too easily people are led into sexual ignorance by the offer of sensationalism.

I am always surprised that so many of may fans are men. I am pretty hard on men but I am also critical of women. I would prefer to always use a positive tone but it is difficult when there are so many people intent on promoting sexual ignorance. I am aiming for a balance between men & women’s perspectives. I believe that men & women should be able to worth together to communicate their emotional needs in an intimate relationship.

Men and women cooperate together over family and relationships. But most women never experience responsiveness and so they are offended by any mention of genital activity outside lovemaking. Unresponsive women have nothing to gain by discussing sexual pleasure. It is much easier to remain silent. This leaves heterosexual men with no means of understanding how to maximise their enjoyment of sex. Sex should be discussed as much as any other topic that is vital to human emotional happiness. We need to learn how the opposite sex experiences intimacy and how men and women’s very different emotional needs are satisfied.

I provide sex information for those who value it

We don’t truly need researchers. Anyone could ask women about orgasm. A man could ask his partner how she achieves orgasm compared to how he achieves his own. He could ask her what anatomy and mental turn-ons are involved. No man ever does this because he appreciates that women talk about emotions that have nothing to do with how men approach orgasm. By definition, we are talking about very different experiences.

Anyone can do their own research into female orgasm by asking women they know about the anatomy and turn-ons involved. Even so-called experts refer you to a text book or to someone who is supposed to be an expert. They are offended by the idea of providing personal experiences. Initially we accept what other people say but after decades, I have come to realise that they have no idea what they are talking about. It seems a very ungenerous conclusion to draw but not one single woman has been willing to discuss orgasm as an explicit phenomenon. The whole thing is a hoax.

Some people presumably think I’m stupid. Surely I should be providing all the male turn-ons and nonsense that everyone else does to make money. But my objective is not to be popular. My objective is to seek out the truth. If women truly enjoyed sex, they would talk about it openly and unashamedly. They would not need to be persuaded. Male fantasies cause men to want women to enjoy sex (including the sexual pleasure of arousal and orgasm) rather than offer men sex in return for platonic love.

When a topic is political, people engage in persuasive arguments and bring emotional pressure to bear to coerce others. But they do it surreptitiously. They don’t come out and declare the facts of their case. . The politically astute don’t confront issues head on. They heckle from the side lines or ignore any logical or factual counter arguments. They rely on the fact that people don’t listen very well. Few people have the interest or the time for the topic. No one seems to notice that pertinent questions go unanswered.

Women’s behaviour when asked about their sexual experiences, is incompatible with the idea that they enjoy sexual pleasure. Most typically women refuse to answer, they are embarrassed or even angry. They suggest that they cannot supply such personal information. They suggest that the topic is an unpleasant or a difficult one. They take steps to avoid the person who is asking such insensitive and awkward questions. I have seen all these behaviours. Nevertheless I am insisting on the truth for everyone’s benefit.

I have gradually assumed a position of authority on sexuality because I have never met anyone else who can talk about the topic in the explicit and objective way that I think is necessary. I am driven by a desire to correct the sexual ignorance that I have had to face, which has made finding answers much more embarrassing than it needed to be. It should be a basic right for everyone to have access to unbiased sex information. No one can benefit from truths they are not ready to hear. The information I provide is for those who appreciate it because they are looking for answers.

The trouble with the world is that the stupid are cocksure and the intelligent full of doubt. (Bertrand Russell 1872-1970)